FLEXE: From Local to Extreme Environments

About us

The FLEXE team

Working in collaboration with GLOBE, FLEXE has been developed by science educators and scientists from:

  • The Pennsylvania State University Biology Department
  • CSATS, an initiative to support collaborations between scientists and schools
  • Ridge 2000, a long-term program of scientific research into mid-ocean ridges and related tectonic systems
  • GLOBE, a science and education program to support learning and observations to benefit the environment.

FLEXE also involves scientists from:

  • InterRidge, a non-profit organization concerned with promoting all aspects of mid-ocean ridge research

FLEXE principal investigators include...

Liz Goehring, Pennsylvania State University and Ridge 2000

Bill Carlsen, Pennsylvania State University and CSATS

Chuck Fisher, Pennsylvania State University, Ridge 2000, and InterRidge

Eric Simms, University of California San Diego and Ridge 2000

Matt Smith, University of Florida

FLEXE Evaluators include...

Bill Carlsen, Pennsylvania State University and CSATS

Steve Kerlin, Northern Kentucky University

Nancy Trautmann, Cornell University

Photo of Liz

Liz Goehring
FLEXE PI, Ridge 2000


(+1) 814-863-6603

Photo of Bill

Bill Carlsen
(Professor Science Education)


(+1) 814-865-5664

Photo of Chuck

Chuck Fisher
(Professor of Biology)


(+1) 814-863-0278

Photo of Steve

Steve Kerlin
(Northern Kentucky University)


(+1) 859-572-6380

Photo of Eric

Eric Simms
(Ridge 2000)


(+1) 858-822-2993

FLEXE - Deepening Earth Systems Science Understanding with GLOBE.

This work is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number GEO-0627909. The opinions, findings, conclusions, and recommendations expressed in these materials are those of the researchers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. © CSATS, The Pennsylvania State University

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